No we do take walk in’s as well as appointments. We do recommend making an appointment so you get your tanning machines & time that works for you. During many times throughout the year we do book 3 to 5 day in advance. Being one of the tap tanning salons we can get very busy.

Most important would be these few things.

  • Clean skin
  • Always use lotion
  • Start off slow; lower beds & less minutes
  • 3 Sessions in a row or close to each other
  • Gradually increase time by no more than 2 to 3 minutes each session
  • Use all the tanning machines
  • Condition & cleanse skin with after tan extender moisturizer

YES, eye wear is always a must. You have one set of beautiful eyes; keep them that way. Eye lids only protect 25% off the rays. Only professional FDA approved tanning eye wear will protect & we offer many styles at a low cost as well as a style to use for a session. Please leave eye wear & towel in room. We will take care of everything for you. Health department recommends to purchase your own.

You can wear them but it is recommended to take out while you are in a tanning unit during your session. If you wear them & feel your eyes dry or discomfort you can remove them. We suggest removing them but you can feel this out during your sessions. The higher intensity units be aware of the heat & dryness. This is up to your comfort.

You are allowed to share any single sessions. You cannot share any package with an expiration date or monthly membership.

YES; you actually will be improving your tanning results 50% or more when using indoor tanning lotion.
(NOR OIL BASE) Beside your color you will be conditioning & cleansing your tanned skin giving the nutrients it needs. Using lotion prevents the fine line & wrinkles. Use lotion; Better longer lasting healthy tanned skin.

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Nude, swim suite, underwear Etc. your choice But must wear Eye Wear.

Pacific Tanning always suggests following the tanning procedure. Moderation starting off in you lower level tanning unit with lower minutes & building a base properly creates the best longer lasting tan. Gradually increasing your minutes will build a better tan. This building base process takes 3 to 5 sessions. WE follow a rule no more than 3 minute increase on each session.

Pacific tanning smart certified professional team recommended after you have create your base tan; Normally 2 to 3 sessions a week when using lower level tanning units. If you have passed this point then any higher level beds maybe 1 or 2 times every other week. Very important to be sure to use all the tanning machines. After a golden bronze going back to a lower regular base bed will create a deeper tan to exceed your platue & gain more bronze on later sessions.

With all the research & studies going on it’s a known fact that UV light is a main source of vitamin D for humans. Vitamin D is a must a necessary for good health, bone formation and repair, and for the absorption of calcium in the body. Many other research studies & dermatologist’s say for depression, exima, psoriasis, joints in bones muscles etc.

Follow our tanning procedure that is the correct way of moderation of tanning. Never over expose. Take your time & a few extra sessions to get the desired tan you are looking for. Come a few weeks in advance before your event, vacation or your time frame you want to be tan by.

Yes, all our tanning spas are networked. Just give your Key tag to scan &/or your last & first name to pull up your current account. Use your account at any location.

Research & studies have proven that UV exposure does not affect ay tissue below the surface layer of the skin. The most important is the hydration and heat. Come early in morning, drink lots of water before during and after session. Keep hydrated. Keep in mind we also can put a freeze or hold on memberships that are a month or more. Ask our front desk or email info@pacific-tanning.com

Your kids are more than welcome. We recommend them to be watched by a grown-up & not just left in the lobby. Our team is very busy with guests & accommodating rooms. We do our best to keep eye on but not our responsibility.

Very simple, fist make sure we have all of your profile contact info up to date in our system then text the word PACIFIC to 411669 & 22828. Also follow us at our social medial sites.

Yes pacific tanning will honor any competitor’s coupons and mostly likely beat their offer already. Just bring in the non-expired coupon & we will work with you to offer the better deal.